At the end of June, we welcome ‘Lingering Linden’* to the Akee space. Celebrating Linden blossom, fresh honey and art, we invite you to spend the 29th day of summer together in Aleknaičiai village.

The event will feature the ‘Clay Playground’ by Gabrielė Černiavskaja, Andrej Polukord, Kotryna Markevičiūtė and Vilius Vaitiekūnas – an outdoor space for clay games and creative experiments, created together with local students and guests. We will also learn more about the life and work of the artist Marija Teresė Rožanskaitė, who came from the Pakruojis region, by listening to a lecture by Dr Laima Kreivytė and watching a film by Juozas Matonis. 

During the event, there will also be educational activities for children, and Migloko will take care of the night music programme.

Detailed programme coming soon! 

*In Lithuanian, ‘linden’ means both the name of a tree and the month of July.


The Akee team will provide lunch, and we will share the joy of cooking dinner together. We invite you to bring your favorite food suitable for cooking over the fire. We have refrigerators where food can safely wait its turn.

Guests arriving with overnight stays are invited to bring tents, sleeping bags, and mattresses. It will be possible to sleep in one of the Akee spaces (please bring your own mattresses and sleeping bags) and in the outdoor area (please bring tents).

Please, keep in mind that we’ll be in non urban area – take care of warmer and cooler clothes, sun and rain protection, means against mosquitoes and ticks. In the Akee area, beehives are buzzing. Be sensitive and attentive – bees sense this and coexist kindly.

Akee activities are sensitive to nature and sustainability, so if you have space in your vehicles, we suggest inviting others traveling to the event – this way, there will be more space for us in the Akee area, not for cars. You can also arrive at the location by bus heading towards Pakruojis. After getting off at Pakruojis station, you can reach the event location by taxi or by asking friends who arrive by car for a lift.

Spread the word, invite friends, bring what we may have missed mentioning but you think might be needed. We look forward to seeing you soon!

Address: Aleknaičių k. 9, Aleknaičiai, Pakruojis r.
Phone if you have questions: +37069683445 (Vilius Vaitiekūnas)


Graphic design: Lina Vyšniauskaitė
Communication: Aistė Marija Stankevičiūtė 

The projects presented at the event are funded by the Lithuanian Council for Culture and Pakruojis District Municipality.

The event is supported by Medicus LT, AB ‘Klovainių skalda’ (‘Milsa’ group of companies), MB ‘Lairent’.

Partners:, Joniškis Culture Centre Kriukų Department, LTKMS, MRT Art Foundation, Pragiedruliai, Pakruojis District Lygumų Primary School, Radio Vilnius, Studio Ariel INK.