Local Radio

Swiftly twisting swings, pollen-collecting bees, stories of the long-closed school and local students’ games – these and many other ‘agents’ have become part of Local Radio. During the a five-day sonic experiments and explorations, together with curator and educator Samantha Lippett (UK), radio host Michael Holland aka ONOTESLA (UK/LV) and film director Rokas Steponavičius (LT), the students of Lygumai Primary School created a library of recorded sounds that later turned into a radio program. Recordings unveil quick ways of finding playgrounds in the former school, the legacy of the past intertwined with the summer funs, and the issues that concern children and the founders of Akee today.

Participating Students: Ugnė Žičkutė, Monika Čepaitė, Austėja Trikšaitytė, Miglė Miniotaitė, Gintarė Tarbūnaitė, Tomas Montvydas, Emilija Barščiauskaitė, Kamilė Grušaitė, Arijielė Noreikaitė, Urtė Arlauskaitė, Urtė Grušaitė, Meida Štuopytė, Egidijus Laucius, Simona Šulčiūtė, Viktorija Radžiūtė, Emilis Brainskas and Dominykas Brainskas.

“Local Radio” is supported by the Lithuanian Culture Council and Pakruojis District Municipality

Project partners: Lygumai Primary School of Pakruojo District, Šiauliai “Santarvės” Gymnasium, Pakruojis “Atžalinas” Gymnasium, Pakruojis District Juozas Paukstelis Public Library, www.nts.live, Palanga Street Radio, IDA Helsinki