One of Akee’s aims is to promote the actualisation and reflection of themes and images related to the countryside in contemporary culture. Thus, in the spring of 2023, Akee Space for Culture organized an open call for artists to create a public sculpture at Akee territory inspired by the topic of scarecrow.

From the text of the open call:

Contemporary artist Beatričė Mockevičiūtė was selected to fulfil her proposal for the open call.
Beatričė Mockevičiūtė is a young generation artist whose work is associated with the opportunity to perceive what is often transparent and ephemeral in everyday life. Since 2013, the artist has participated in exhibitions in Lithuania and abroad. Her works have been previously presented in institutions such as the Contemporary Art Center, the project spaces “Autarkia” and “Swallow,” as well as the House of Lithuanian Composers in Vilnius, the Vejle Art Museum in Denmark, and elsewhere. In 2021, a public sculpture from her ongoing series “Asukas” was implemented in the Paupys district of Vilnius.

The sculpture “Scarecrow” was presented in Aleknaičiai village at the end of August, 2023 during event “All the Good Things”.

Curator: Asta Vaičiulytė
Communication: Inga Galinytė
Coordinar: Vilius Vaitiekūnas

Project financed by: Lithuanian Council for Culture
Project supported by: MB “Lairent”

Event “All the Good Things”. Presentation of the sculpture “Scarecrow”. Photos: Bon Alog.

Doumentation of the sculpture “Scarecrow”.