Akee residence is a community project and is open to all artists, architects, educators, curators, and other representatives of creative activities who are given the opportunity to live and work in the countryside of Lithuania, implementing individual projects and getting involved in the place and the Lithuanian cultural scene.


All rooms suitable for residences are equipped with a bed, table, internet, electricity and a light source. The Akee residence also has common spaces available to both residents and other visitors: 40 sq.m. hall, bathroom, kitchen.

Residents are given access to Akee’s existing wood, metal and other material processing equipment, video cameras, and video editing equipment.

Akee’s activities are supported by the construction equipment rental company MB Lairent (www.lairent.lt), so if you need specific wood, metal or other material processing, measuring or earth drilling and digging equipment, we invite you to familiarize yourself with the MB lairent catalog and the current need in advance inform the Akee team.


Short-term stays (up to 14 days): 13 EUR/day.
Long-term stays (15 days and more): 10 EUR/day.

Akee is also open for stays at no charge, with residents contributing to the maintenance of spaces.

Past residents